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Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design is your choice for floors in the Chippewa Valley

Of the decisions you’ll make when designing or remodeling your home, picking the right floors for your lifestyle is important. The floor you choose can serve as the inspiration for the other design features of a room. It’s the foundation of interior design.

Given that you’ll walk on the floors of your house everyday-- and therefore getting the most wear and tear-- there’s only a little pressure on your decision! The design professionals at Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design are armed and ready with knowledge of the latest home design trends to help you make an educated and confident choice. Whether you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Eau Claire, or your Lake Hallie home is in need of new carpet or laminate flooring, we bring our design and contracting services to homeowners in western Wisconsin. Stop by our showroom and we’ll assist you in making this big decision!

Making Educated Flooring Choices

The beautiful thing about designing your home is that there are so many options available to you, especially when it comes to flooring. Sometimes there are too many choices. When you stop by the Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design showroom, we’ll pair you with one of our interior design experts to help make that choice a little easier. From hardwood and cork floors, to tile and carpet, Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design carries it all!

Hardwood Floors

You can’t go wrong with hardwood floors. With a wide variety of sizes (wide or narrow wood) and stains (light or dark wood), you can truly customize your hardwood floors to create a custom look completely unique to your home. Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design can assist you in selecting a style that will complement the paint and countertops, and cabinetry you select. Hardwood floors are also easy to clean, and they’re easy to repair. If there are scratches and scuff marks from years of wear, you can have them sanded down and restained. We carry the following hardwood floor brands:

Carpet Options

For many homeowners, carpet is an absolute must. Given that western Wisconsin winters can be brutally cold, carpeted floors provide a bit more warmth and comfort than tile or wood floors. They also offer more cushion for toddlers learning to walk who may take a tumble now and then. Like hardwood floors, there’s also a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns you can choose from when picking the right kind of carpet for your home. Having a hard time deciding? Take a look at the carpet brands we carry, and then stop by the Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design showroom! We offer the following carpet brands:

Ceramic Tile Floors

Used most often in kitchen and bathrooms, ceramic tile flooring is a versatile and durable option. It’s easy to clean and it’s one of the longest lasting materials around, which is great for rooms that receive a lot of traffic in your home. Whether you want small or large tiles, regardless of the color you want, Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design carries a wide variety of brands and styles in order to match your design vision. If you’re looking for quality tile products in the Chippewa Valley, look no further. Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design carries the following brands:

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