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Designing A New Home


A frequently asked question: when designing a new home, should you focus more on form or function? If you want the honest answer, both are very important. Of course you want your home to look great, but it's also important that it's functional as well.

While form is of course an important consideration, function will deliver more value to you over time. Why, you ask? Well, decorative trends are always changing as the years pass. Some things faster than others. However, function stays rather consistent. For example what someone considers stylish today, might not say that tomorrow but shelves and cabinets will always provide storage.

Custom designed kitchen by Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design

You can always change the home's aesthetic to suit the current styles and trends, however function is much more difficult to add-in after the fact. It also rarely goes away as the years go by. So to answer the question both are important, but if you're going for usability, function is key.

If you're looking for new design or remodeling ideas for your home don't hesitate to contact Lake Hallie Cabinets for a free design consultation. As always, we hope we were able to give you some insight! We hope everyone is enjoying their summer from all of us here at Lake Hallie Cabinets!

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